Current MOTD Revision 2

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Current MOTD Revision 2

Post  Eclipse on Tue Jan 22, 2013 11:26 pm

Default Server Laws:
All citizens may own pistols for self defense
Cooks/Gun Dealers must have a store set up
Black Market Dealers are [u][b]not[/b][/u] allowed to set up stores
All Police issue firearms are illegal, carrying one(even pistols) is instantly an arrestable offense
Gangsters can not be in the Mayors pocket or vice versa

No prop killing pushing, surfing or climbing.

No RDM - killing people because you can is RDM.

Everyone has the right to own a pistol unless the current Mayor says otherwise.

No vigilantes, CP is a job for a reason.

You may kill if threatened and in self defense.

No prop blocking.

No building on public property.

Gangsters can break and enter and kill anyone in their path.

Cops/SWAT/MGuard can shoot to kill if shot at or witness any shootings.

Cops require a warrant to enter a house.

No law states you must answer a Cop questioning you without a warrant.

If you have been arrested you must comply with the the Police.

Assassins must have a valid hit/bounty in order to kill. Placing a hit on someone "just because" is FailRP.

Black Narket Dealers are not allowed to open stores. They must do back alley deals. You are not allowed to /ad that you sell Police issue firearms.

NO METAGAMING - Using the tab menu for knowledge you wouldn't otherwise know is metagaming and is a bannable offense

New life rule: you must wait 5 minutes before you can return to site of death.
You cannot carry over any knowledge of the previous life eg attempts to arrests,hits,murders ect

You can bribe the police

You can tip off the police about illegal activities with valid evidence, false tip offs may resault in an arrest

Cooks/Gun Dealers cannot be biased and must sell to everyone, however Cooks may sell their microwaves if wanted.

Fading doors must always have a keypad or button
(keypad fading doors must last for 3.5 seconds)
Fading doors must be at least 1 door space away from an entry door.
Only 1 fading door is allowed per room unless you are storing money printers/etc inside a box and using fading door as an access hatch.

Trap walls are okay but they need to be operable from the inside, trapping a CP in a box without a keypad for him to crack out of is not allowed.

Do your job or be demoted.

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